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Inman Park

Inman Park is an intown neighborhood on the east side of Atlanta, Georgia, and its first planned suburb. It was named for Samuel M. Inman. Today’s neighborhood of Inman Park includes areas that were originally designated Inman Park proper (today the Inman Park Historic District),  Moreland Park (today the Inman Park-Moreland Historic District), part of Copenhill Park (properties on Atlantis, the south side of Highland, and the north sides of Sinclair and a block of Austin), former industrial areas on the western side, now mixed-use developments including Inman Park Village and North Highland Steel. The area was part of the battlefield in the Battle of Atlanta in 1864.

After decades of restoration and renewal, Inman Park is now regarded as a highly desirable intown neighborhood with a mixture of rental and owner-occupied houses and condominiums. Built up as it was over decades, the neighborhood housing now ranges from tiny mill town shotguns to the Victorian mansions of the original development, intermixed with bungalows of all sizes built during the first three decades of the 20th century.

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